Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peter's Blunder--and mine

I was busy preparing the next new sermon for the Spurgeon Archive Addendum this morning when disaster happened. The sermon is No. 1823 "Peter's Blunder: A Lesson to Ourselves" and it will be the next one up. It would have been up this morning before church but half way through editing it something happened to reset my computer and, no, I had not saved it up until that point. That's my blunder.

But it is an excellent sermon and I can't wait to make it available. Here is a quotation from it which will serve as a teaser:

"'But I am strong,' say you. Nonsense, you are weak as water. You dream of perfection, but you are a mass of wants, and infirmities, and conceits; and if it were not for the infinite mercy of God, who deals tenderly with you, you would soon have most painfully to know it to your own dishonor, and to the grief of your brethren round about you. Peter is Peter still, notwithstanding what grace has done."--CHS

Let that thought sink in and I shall have the entire sermon up, if not this afternoon then perhaps tomorrow.


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