Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Everybody's Headed for the Weekend!

I just finished Alister McGrath's Dawkins' God. McGrath makes some excellent points and seems to dissect some of Dawkins' more inept assertions rather nicely. Of course, I haven't read Dawkins himself yet, but his The God Delusion is next on my list. More thoughts on this later.

Hopefully I will be able to blog something later tonight. The evenings this weekend are looking rather busy, though. My boys and I are going to play basketball tonight. Tomorrow night I have the girls. Then I am spending the entire weekend with all four of them, so I am looking forward to some reading of Tolkien, no doubt, along with a quiz being given to my oldest boy over a book he is supposed to have finished by Friday night (the bio of David Livingstone published by Moody).

So . . . we have on the agenda some 19th century missions, some Tolkien, some Disney, and some twenty-first century atheism. (Is there some sort of subconscious bridge there, some sort of step-by-step progression?) Speaking of the latter, at least Dawkins, for all his flaws, is colorful and, I am told, an interesting writer who holds a disdain for post-modern thinking. A fundamentalist atheist (or would he be an atheist fundamentalist?) . . . should be a blast! I am looking forward to being shocked and offended at his over-the-top rhetoric and I plan to answer some of his points here on the blog as I know he will get my juices flowing. I only hope I can match his rhetoric and enthusiasm.

BTW - here's a rather poor photo of a large-mouth bass my son caught the other day in his grandfather's pond.

It weighed in at 3.5 lbs. Not bad.


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