Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Frightening Thing About Health Care Reform

One of the things that frightens me most about this heatlh care "reform" that Obama and Washington are trying to shove down our collective throats is the rumor I've been hearing that my tax dollars will be used to pay for abortions.

If true, this would be abhorrent and unconscionable. I would have to seriously consider civil disobedience. They cannot compel a citizen to financially support something that his conscience and religious conviction abhors.

Can they?


One Salient Oversight said...

In Romans 13 Paul ordered the church to pay taxes without any consideration to how they were spent or what they were spent on.

In the days of Paul, the Roman Empire was pagan, corrupt, imperialistic and reliant upon slavery. Innocent people died because of the decisions made by the Roman Empire. Yet Paul still commanded the church to pay their taxes.

James Spurgeon said...

Paul also ordered them to obey every ordinance of man. Did he not? Yet, Paul himself disobeyed Roman ordinances. Do you deny this? How do you reconcile the apparent contradiction?

And do not forget, friend, that in the USA we have no king. We have the rule of law. The Constitution is our King and the President and each member of Congress swear an oath to uphold and serve it. When they do not, should I obey the lesser authority or the higher authority?

One said...

I believe Romans 13 when it says that we should pay taxes to the state. At no point in the New Testament does Paul or any other apostle say that taxes should not be paid to the state, no matter what the state did.

James Spurgeon said...

While what you say is true, it ignores my point. To tax me in order to pay for abortions . . . to use my money to commit murder, would be a violation of my freedom of religion. I find it abhorrent to my faith that this should be done. The LAW in this land, i.e. the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, protects me from that sort of state-imposed violation of my conscience and my faith.

Is there no room for civil disobedience in your theology? Paul, my friend, was in violation of Roman law more than once in his ministry to spread the gospel. Was he wrong?

philness said...


I feel you but I'm pretty sure we are set up for failure just like Adam was. It has to happen brother. So I say they can and will and we will have to trust God He will mean it for good and His glory.

I'm reminded of a passage that would have us pray for our leaders in authority so we might live a quiet and peaceful life. I reckon that would be designed to better serve the higher authority while we still have our lives in order to continue preaching the gospel and making disciples until the fullness of the Gentile come in- to the very end.

I mean, I love me some Braveheart just like the next guy but "freedom" was not intended to last forever. Not in this world its not.

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