Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ben Stein's Expelled Part 2

After putting in 13 hours yesterday at work--and then wasting some time with the good people at a certain forum--I regretfully have not had time to complete this one yet. But be sure it is in the works! Look for it Wednesday evening. God bless.


James McGrail said...

Mr. Spurgeon,
having read the thread in question on the FFF, you have all my sympathy.
The FFF is filled with people, some who are emotionally immature, others who are seriously mentally ill. Not kidding. It's a small club of people all of whom have serious issues.
The Fundamental Forum is NOT, i repeat NOT a place to debate. When I say it is a cesspool, I'm not kidding. Where should I start? How about the marriages that have ended or been put in jeapordy over the online flirting that happens over there. People with obvious mental health problems (some of them 'pastors') allowed to run amuk there. Even on an intellectual level, let alone a spiritual one, it is filled with immature people who have a weird connection to each other through that board. I mean, in all seriousness James, think about it, a 'christian' forum where people can come to fight, namecall, accuse, gossip......pretty weird if you step back and look at it.
Ransom has one of the filthiest mouths on that forum. 'Real Baptist' has publically threatened another poster in the past.
I'll tell one thing that started me rethinking my membership there:
There was a poster there called Crucifyself who obviously had a mental problem and had a public meltdown on that forum. I literally BEGGED people to stop inticing him and leave him alone. They didn't. They seemed to ENJOY baiting this poor guy until he fell apart.
One of the reasons I never gave my real name on that forum is because there are some real genuine crazy people there.
I still read it, but i'll never go back.
I have only spoken in person to one person on that forum. Although a likable human being, they did however show signs of having a problem.
A subject as important as religion should be discussed among adults.
Just my three cents my friend.

James Spurgeon said...

You're right. Plus, it's addictive. What free time I have this evening will be spent blogging! Thanks.

James McGrail said...

Feel free to post those thoughts on the FFF, maybe one or two will heed the words and escape from there.

mithrandir77 said...

ha! First of all, "Amuk" is spelled **"Amok"** when it is spelled correctly. Secondly, this whole thing about the cesspool!! ha! How deliciously despicable! You said most of these people have mental problems?! [you mean, as in "Manic Depressive"?! !] Okay, then, birds of a feather... You know! -- and "crucifyself" seems to be aptly named!

Let's take your average Baptist church and substitute it in this sentence... ///quote/// Not kidding. It's a small club of people, all of whom have serious issues. ////end quote///



And "club" is right. :)